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Pilot Information

Wings of Mercy pilots come from all walks of life, fly a variety of single and twin engine planes as well as jet aircraft.  They are united by a desire to apply their skills in this unique way to help others. Pilots are subject to FAR part 91 and must have a pilot certificate and current medical certificate. They must meet  experience, ratings and endorsements criteria for the flight and aircraft flown. Pilots also must be approved by the Safety Officer or designee prior to being assigned to a Wings of Mercy mission.

Two pilots are required on all Wings flights. The pilot in command (PIC) shall have demonstrated recent proficiency in the aircraft flown and possess current instrument rating. The PIC must have a minimum of 600 logged hours; 400 hours as PIC. Additonally 100 hours composed of actual or simulated IMC and night, 50 hours in type, 25 hours at night and 5 hours in the N-number used for the mission if night or IMC may be encountered.  The PIC is further required to meet one of the following annual review conditions: 
- completion of a biennial flight review; or
- completion of a FAA Wings program; or

-completion of an approved flight clinic / safety seminar.

The second-in-command (SIC)must have a minimum of 300 logged hours, be current instrument rated, and appropriately rated for the assigned aircraft.

If you are a qualified pilot considering our organization we encourage you to explore further. Please feel free to reach out to us at dickandyoko@bwig.net .  Please familiarize yourself with the pilot application form (.PDF file).

Contributions or gifts to the Wings of Mercy organization are tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Wings of Mercy, Minnesota, Inc. was established and incorporated as a 501(c)3 charitable organization in January of 1995. 
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