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Aircraft Information

Wings of MercyMN owns no aircraft. Owners and pilots make their aircraft available to Wings of Mercy on an as-available basis. Wings of Mercy reimburses pilots for the actual fuel cost only; all other associated expenses are typically tax deductible by the owner/operator. Aircraft offered for use are subject to approval by the Safety Officer or designee.

Large-cabin singles and twins are useful. Since our policies require two pilots and, in most cases, an attendant, aircraft with large and useful loads are most desireable.

Our aircraft information form can be found by clicking on the aircraft link. The form can be mailed to:Adopt-A-Flight No823

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Contributions or gifts to the Wings of Mercy organization are tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Wings of Mercy, Minnesota, Inc. was established and incorporated as a 501(c)3 charitable organization in January of 1995. 
We can accept any amount over $10 through a safe and secure online donation. JustGive.org is a web-based charitable giving tool that ensures your privacy. Their secure server protects your financial information and safely transfers your credit card donation. Your name and other information will never be sold, traded, or given over to any other group. Click here to donate to Wings of Mercy through JustGive.org.

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